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Our Catering Menu

Chicken item: half tray $85.00
Chicken item: full tray $150.00
Goat/lamb/fish: half tray $100
Goat/lamb/fish: full tray $180

Roti/Naan :$2.50
Dahi/Raita/salad: half tray :$25
Dahi/raita/ salad: full tray :$45
Samosa large :$2.50
Party samosa :$1

Veg: half tray $80.00
Veg: full tray $145.00
Dessert: half tray $60.00
Dessert: full tray $100

  • Mint & tamarind sauce, Rice is complimentary.
  • All other appetizers/biryanis are sold as per veg or non-veg tray prices indicated above.
  • Trays are the standard size half and full trays. Usually, a half tray is enough entrees (curry or sabzi) for 12-18 guests if they are only going to eat that entree.
  • A large tray is enough entrees for 20-32 guests.

Please contact me directly for any catering questions @ 7164912833