Please select from any menu or mix and match


Samosa or Aloo Tikki

Samosa is a flaky pastry dough filled with spiced potato and peas or Aloo tikki is
spiced potato cutlets served with mint & tamarind chutney (2 pcs)

Samosa Chaat/Aloo Tikki Chaat

Choice of samosa or aloo tikki served in a bowl with a mix of Pindi Chole (curried
Chickpeas), spiced yogurt, mint and tamarind chutney(2pcs)

Chicken Pakora

Marinated tender chicken pieces deep fried in chick pea flour(8pcs)

Fish Pakora

fried Tilapia fritters

Keema Naan with Gravy

Baked White bread stuffed with minced chicken, turkey, lamb and blended with
our own combination of herbs, spices and served with curry sauce dip

Chole Bhature

Curried Chickpeas served with 2 puffed white-flour breads, vinegar-pickle onions, mint chutney and a gulab jamun dessert

Tandoori Chicken

Savory chicken marinated in yogurt with ginger, garlic, onion, flavor spices,
roasted in a clay oven (6 pcs)

Chicken Tikka

Succulent pieces of boneless chicken thighs marinated in yogurt, sour cream and
mild flavor spices, roasted in a clay oven


Please select from any menu or mix and match


Dal Makhani or Yellow Dal

Black lentils & kidney beans or yellow lentils cooked with Indian spices & herbs

House Curry with choice of Meat

Boneless pieces of meat cooked with special house sauce, fresh ginger,
garlic, and spices

Chicken Tikka Masala

Clay oven roasted chicken cooked in a slightly spiced tomato sauce
with nuts, butter crème and topped with dry roasted fenugreek

Chicken Makhani

Chicken thigh pieces cooked in creamy tomato based sauce, blended to
perfection with Indian spices

Chicken or Lamb Kadai

A tradition Afghan delicacy made from tender meat cooked in a semi dry sauce with bell pepper, onions, tomatoes in rich aromatic sauce of Indian herbs and spices

Roghan Josh

Succulent pieces of lamb cooked in freshly ground spices, yogurt and tomatoes flavored sauce a specialty of Kashmir seasoned with ratan jot

Saag With Meat

Boneless pieces of meat cooked with fresh spinach in a rich blend of spices

Paneer Makhni

Homemade Indian cheese cooked in a creamy tomato fenugreek sauce.

Saag Paneer/Saag Chana

Spinach pleasantly cooked in Indian spices with your choice of homemade cheese or chickpeas

Pindi Chole

Delicious sweet and sour chick peas cooked in an exotic blend of spices. (goes great with fried breads)

Vegetable Jalfrezi

Mix vegetables and paneer cheese cubes in a semi dry sauce

Paneer Tikka Masala

Homemade cheese cooked with fresh onions, tomatoes and bell peppers in seasoned curry sauce

Chicken or Lamb vindaloo

Boneless pieces of chicken thigh simmered in a Goan sauce of vinegar, garlic, tamarind and red chillies.

Chicken or Lamb korma

A mughlai dish made with tender meat cooked in an onion based white sauce enriched  with nuts, raisins and grated paneer cheese.

Navrattan shahi korma

9 assorted garden fresh vegetables sautéed in fresh herbs, cream, cashews and raisins


Aromatic Indian basmati rice cooked with your choice of meat or
mixed vegetables flavored with saffron & exotic Indian herbs on a low heat. contains cashews, almonds and raisins


Please select from any menu or mix and match


Spicy Mixed Pickles/Papad

Spicy Mixed Pickles/Papad

Naan/Garlic Naan

Warm soft, puffy bread baked in clay oven or garlic naan that is topped off with fire roasted garlic and cilantro mix (Egg-less Dough)

Tandoori Roti

Whole wheat flour bread baked in a clay oven

Soft Drinks

Can / Bottled Water


Seasoned yogurt drink served sweet or salty

Indian Style Tea/Indian Coffee

Tea / Indian Coffee

Dahi/Raita/Boondi Raita

Dahi is homemade yogurt or Vegetable Raita which is seasoned with chopped cucumber, tomato and cilantro or Boondi Raita that is a yogurt seasoned with spices and corn flour puffs

Paratha/Aloo Paratha/Gobi Paratha

Multi-layered whole wheat bread cook with butter or aloo paratha that is stuffed with spiced potatoes or Gobi paratha that is stuffed with seasoned cauliflowers (paranthas are around 10-11 inches in diameter and served with small serving of pickle and butter only)

Gulab Jamun/Rasmalai

Deep fried Indian cheese balls soaked in sweet syrup served hot or Rasmalai that is ricotta cheese patties cooked with condensed milk and garnished with pistachios

Mango Lassi$4.99

Domestic Beer / Indian beer

Onion Kulcha/Shahi Kulcha

White flour bread stuffed with delicately spiced onion or spiced homemade cheese


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