Top 10 Family Friendly Restaurant In Niagara Falls Ny

Food is part of every celebration, without good food, all seems incomplete. What is better than celebrating your special moments with your family, while sitting at a place that serves the best food in the entire town. Well, we are considered as the best Family friendly restaurant. We are known to serve the best Indian food, it’s full of flavors and filled with Indian spices. We use freshly ground spices and fresh ingredients. We prepare our food fresh, there will not be any complaint regarding the quality of food.

We are renowned as the best Family friendly restaurant in Niagara Falls NY, as we make sure from the quality ingredients to checking out everything is perfect, and guests are treated with due respect. It’s our love for food, and passion to serve the best, that has made us try our hand in the restaurant business. We use authentic Indian flavors in our food, in the name of innovation, we do not ruin the authentic touch of Indian food. In itself, Indian dishes are full of herbs, spices, and aromas, any change to its basic cooking procedure will affect their authenticity.

Another area of concern, for us, was to have a check on the hygiene conditions of this Family friendly restaurant, because no one likes to eat at a place that is messy or not managed well. Also in this time of the pandemic, this became the need of the hour, we made sure that any staff member working for us, is fully vaccinated and following the safety precautions. From the gateman to the person working on the stove wears masks, gloves for extra safety.

Our menu covers almost every Indian dish possible, from everyone’s favorite dal makhani to chicken tandoori, we serve all the dishes with love and passion. There might be a chance that our chef customizes some dishes on demand of guests because some people prefer mild species only. We take care of your taste buds here. We have curated a special menu for the children too, it has all the dishes which are made with fewer spices because kids cannot handle chilies. Another thing, that makes us the deserving candidate for being the best Family friendly restaurant in Niagara Falls NY, we serve vegan food too, there is a perception that vegan food is not tasty, it is bland, but we would love to change your opinion about this, as our chefs cook delicious vegan food, once tasted, you will become a fan of those dishes. All the orders are served hot and the whole restaurant floats in the aroma of Indian spices.

Once you have entered the restaurant, one of our waiters will come to welcome you and guide you to your table. There are almost negligible minutes you will be made to wait if you are visiting us in any rush hour. You can select the dishes to be ordered and you will be happy to know, we freshly prepare all the dishes, we purchase fresh groceries every day, ground fresh spices every day. These little things add to the overall taste of the dish. All the dishes are made with hygiene, only quality ingredients are allowed inside our kitchen. Our experienced chefs are the life of our Family friendly restaurant, they are experienced enough to cook the best dishes with true Indian flavors.

We believe only Indian aesthetics in the restaurant cannot transcend the vibe of Indian culture, it gets reflected in the food, the way it is served, the utensils used to serve it. We take immense pleasure in announcing that there has been no chance that we have countered any complaint from any guest about the food, waiters, or general management because we take our job very seriously, we want each guest to become our regular client, and when he leaves our Family friendly restaurant in Niagara Falls NY, there is a big smile on his face.

Managing the parking space is another issue many restaurants are struggling with, and guests find it annoying if they are not able to park their vehicle, or it is taking much time to get free space, but here we do provide adequate parking space to our guests so that they just need to think about one thing only, that is what they want to eat from the menu, rest is on us.