Book Your Buffet Restaurant In Niagara Falls New York Ny

No celebration is possible without tasty food. We also believe in this notion, which made us open a restaurant typically offering authentic Indian food, cuisines offered here are curated with original Indian flavors that are being used in the recipes which are 300-400 years old in the Indian Culture. Hence “zaika” has come up with a buffet facility for you. We are considered as the best buffet restaurants in niagara falls NY, because we offer value for the money. At our restaurant you will have the best ambience which you are looking for to spend your dine-in.

Each item served matches the Indian standards of cooking. We just do not advertise ourselves as the Indian Restaurant that offers food in Indian utensils, but who promise the Indian flavors in every bite of the meal. We present, special buffet for Lunch and Dinner. Items in the respective menus are decided with the utmost care, from appetizers to the final desserts, you are going to love everything about us.

At the buffet restaurant niagara falls, we have a list of snacks like, “Dahivada”, “samosa”, “chaatpapri” and many more. The list is accompanied by the non-veg starters also, where we include other Indian delicacies. Coming to the main course, we do offer a wide range of dishes, you can choose whether you are in the mood for vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. Prices are also different in both cases. Veg Dishes include, “palak paneer, veg biryani, daaltadka, aloo gobi, chana masala” and in the non-veg items majorly we have “ tandoori chicken, chili chicken, chicken curry, goat meat” and the list continues with many other items.

We offer soups and salads too. Our desserts, cooked in real desi ghee, are enough to make you taste the real heaven. We believe that using the original and authentic ingredients just adds to the whole vibe of the food. What is better than ending the meal with the finest dessert. We at buffet restaurant niagara falls, have a different range of sweet dishes in the buffet menu.

Here you will get value for the money, and the services are perfect to accommodate every possible need of yours. The staff here is experienced to impress you with the finest hospitality services. One thing that makes us the popular choice in buffet restaurants in niagara fallsny, is we offer the finest flavors at the lowest price ever. While coming for a party here, you are free from the big long bill, but you are allowed to enjoy your party on a budget. Also, we do not charge the buffet price for a child younger than 3 years. We are happy to announce that we are the first choice of the families.

Some customers have become our regular clients now, their feedback and love for our food just inspire us to offer better food. Here at buffet restaurant niagara falls, you can come without thinking about the fact whether we are taking the covid 19 precautions or not, because from our chef to the watchman, all are fully vaccinated and hold the certificate to prove as well. Even then all are supposed to wear masks every time in the restaurant for the extra safety provisions.

Waiters are well behaved, and will not let you feel the inconvenience for even a second. If there is already a crowd in the restaurant, waiters will politely ask you to wait. We have trained our staff very diligently, to give you the best hospitality experience. Waiting is also not much to annoy you or ruin your mood. We understand you expect a restaurant to serve you best and delicious meals within no time.

One thing that is guaranteed here at buffet restaurant niagara falls, is authentic Indian food, with assorted spices, that will leave a tangling effect on the tongue, once you have tasted the food of our kitchen no other Indian restaurant can take the place like ours in your heart, it is our devotion for the Indian food that we feel only the authentic and tasty food should find the place in our menu. Though some changes according to the guests are made, still, it is prepared authentically, to preserve its original taste.

We keep updating the menu at our restaurant, to add other Indian dishes, you might have never even heard of. Unlike any other buffet restaurants in niagara falls NY, we offer food cooked with fresh and local ingredients, nothing stale will be served. There is no chance that we get left with any food in our kitchen by night, but even if there is anything left, it is not served the next day, rather freshly cooked meals are presented to the guests. This makes us fetch more customers and increase the profits for the business.